Saturday, April 7, 2012

Anonymous Destroy Website Goverment In China

Group Hacker Anonymous confess already attacking at least 485 website in China. This is done as in protest of internet censorship policy prevailing in china. ''to goverment china, you not perfect and this website we hack, tomorrow it is turn regime evil your that will fall'' write the messages. For prove confess it, Group Anonymous spread all links website website it hacked in pastebin. Data all manager website it too spread. Website is hacked including have goverment, industry and official institutions others. All hacked with the same way, it's do deface and too into private messages to goverment. Moreover Anonymous too invite community China for join with they and protesting, freedom surf internet. Anonymous China too doing same. China indeed having sensor internet tahat enough tight it is The Great Firewall. System this having 6 method filtering, and each content is'nt appropriate will be blocked so can't accessible. Moreover this system too created for spy activity someone, so goverment can doing prevention if something motion that appropriate. So, for avoid this Group Anonymous attaching the way on each website that hacked.